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Ellen Carlins
Pittsburgh, PA
412-576-9715 (c & text)

Create a Prayer to Wear

Treat your group to a day away from the ordinary by arranging a prayer to wear mini retreat.  Ellen facilitates a walk in faith while participants engage in a Spirit led, creation event of their own.  Based in western Pennsylvania, she will come to the location of your choosing (or suggest an alternative meeting facility) and provide a reflectively inspirational message coupled with all the materials necessary for a fun, hands on activity.  The project typically involves beading and jewelry making, but can be modified to reflect the preferences of individual groups.  Participants leave with a lasting keepsake of their experience.  This activity has enabled many to consider and share with each other the work God has done in their lives in a relaxed and casual environment.  Sessions usually last from two to three hours depending on number of participants and how freely they choose to share.    Picture Picture With the 23rd Psalm as the point of departure, you will be invited to embark on a journey through the green meadows and beside the still waters to where the Spirit leads.   You will be encouraged through sharing with each other to deepen your trust in our Good Shepherd and confidence in His plan for your life.  

The process gives participants the opportunity to individually reflect upon any scripture, prayer or personal ponderings of the heart. Other Psalms, prayers and inspirational quotes can be chosen as a theme most meaningful for your group.  
Picture Picture
Great for  church groups, women’s groups, bible study groups,  moms/daughters, or even as a breakout session within a retreat.   Ideal for small groups. Works best with numbers between 3 and 20 participants. Suggested age is 16 or older, but  mature younger individuals have enjoyed it and contributed to it thoughtfully as well.  

This guided meditation activity has even been presented successfully to men’s groups using a modified project and utilizing tools and materials men will find more appealing.   The ultimate process remains the same for those interested in reflecting on the value of trust in God for their lives. 

Pricing is based on activity, and number of participants.


Additional Themed Retreat Activities

Unfolding Faith With a Twist

Contemplate our interconnectedness with each other and how the Spirit uses that interdependence among us as a gift that weaves us all together. Inspiration comes to life before your eyes and through the work of your hands as you are guided through the process of weaving a simple basket.
  Hot Jam, This Is His Plan  There is something almost mystical in jam making, the idea of transformation of fresh fruit into jam that can potentially last forever and make your gloomy days sweeter, literally and metaphorically.  Cultivate internal fruitfullness, as we consider the purposefulness of our lives to “bear much fruit” and incorporate the fruits of the Spirit in our daily activities.

Prayer Squares

What better way to remember to pray daily than to have a favorite inscription on a decorative tile always in plain view.  Participants will be amazed at how easy it is to create an object reflecting Spirit and beauty with the look of an expensive glazed tile through this simple decoupage technique. 
   Just Add Alcohol (Ink)
Explore an amazing art medium called alcohol ink.  This activity is all about letting go of control, frolicking with color, playing with the unexpected, and reflecting on the wonders of creation.  One does not have to be a serious artist to be awe inspired by this fun way of painting.