Senior Citizen ConnectCard

Editor’s note: An article that appeared in the July issue contained incomplete and inaccurate information about Port Authority’s Senior Citizen ConnectCard.

Seniors throughout the Pittsburgh region can now apply for Port Authority’s Senior Citizen ConnectCard in several local communities, and the agency has plans to expand that network even farther over the next few months.

Like the Medicare ID card or blue or yellow Pennsylvania Senior Transit identification card, the Senior Citizen ConnectCard allows seniors age 65 and up to ride public transit for free throughout Pennsylvania.

Legislative offices in Pittsburgh’s West End, Hill District and Lawrenceville, along with offices in Allison Park, Braddock, Bethel Park, Forest Hills and Ross are now equipped to process applications. Additional locations throughout the county will be added by the end of the summer.

Seniors who use a Medicare ID card to ride public transit will be able to use those cards until Dec. 31. After that, Port Authority will no longer accept Medicare ID cards. The blue or yellow Pennsylvania Senior Transit identification cards will be accepted indefinitely.

Applicants must apply for the new card in person in order to get a photo taken and must be 65 years old.

Applications completed at the Downtown Service Center will be processed on the same day. Those completed at local legislative offices will take two to four weeks to process, and cards will be mailed back to the offices for pickup.

Offices currently processing applications include:

 *   Port Authority’s Downtown Service Center, 623 Smithfield St., Downtown, Pittsburgh
 *   Rep. Dan Deasy, 436 South Main St., West End, Pittsburgh
 *   Rep. Sara Innamorato, 5154 Butler St., Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh
 *   Rep. Jake Wheatley, 2015-2017 Centre Ave., Hill District, Pittsburgh
 *   Sen. Pam Iovino, 100 Broughton Road, Bethel Park
 *   Sen. Lindsey Williams, 5000 McKnight Rd., Suite 405, Ross
 *   Rep. Lori Mizgorski, 4284 William Flynn Highway, Suite 105, Allison Park
 *   Rep. Summer Lee, 501 Braddock Ave., Suite 105, Braddock
 *   Sen. Jay Costa, 1501 Ardmore Blvd., Suite 403, Forest Hills

The Senior Citizen ConnectCard uses the same technology as Port Authority’s ConnectCard, which has been in use for several years. If you’re not yet 65, you can get a ConnectCard at most Giant Eagle and Goodwill locations, at Port Authority’s Downtown Service Center or at one of the many ConnectCard machines conveniently located throughout the region.

Additional information is available at<> or by calling 412-442-2000.