Resident couples renew their wedding vows at Rochester Manor + Villa

Married couples had the opportunity to renew their wedding vows recently at Rochester Manor + Villa in Rochester. A special ceremony was held in the Renaissance Villa, with family members, friends, staff and other residents in attendance. The wedding ceremony was officiated by newly ordained minister and Villa employee Debbie Graham.

“We cherish life and relationships here,” says Debbie. “Often people assume that when loved ones are placed into personal care and nursing homes that their days are no longer productive or meaningful.

“Our couples, even when living rooms or floors apart, still enjoy meaningful relationships. Love has no boundaries! Couples still nurture their spouses despite any obstacles that life has given them. We wanted to embrace these relationships and give our couples the chance to renew their sacred vows to show their love and commitment to each other.”

One couple that renewed their vows is Bernie and Hilda Catalucci, who have been married for 67 years. Bernie, living in the Villa, spends time every day with Hilda, who lives upstairs in the Manor. When you talk to Bernie, he always mentions Hilda with a smile.

George and Lillian Brown are another couple that renewed their vows after 56 years of marriage. They both live in the Manor. George says that the best part of his day is when Lillian tells him that she loves him.

“The ceremony was touching and you could see tears of joy throughout the room,” Debbie comments.

A reception was held after the ceremony. Dining service director Amanda Goldie prepared a scrumptious cuisine and a personal cake, decorated with edible flowers, for each couple.

Lead photo: Lillian and George.

Photos provided by Debbie Graham.

Bernie and Hilda.

The official wedding ceremony.

Appetizers at the reception.

Each couple received a special wedding cake.