Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh is now Ztrip Taxi

What is zTrip? It’s essentially an on demand transportation service, much like a traditional taxi. It accepts now or later pickups. Payment can be made with cash or credit. Instead of the typically yellow cab, however, zTrip Taxis are painted silver and have the zTrip logo.
“The taxi industry is evolving and zTrip is leading the way,” says Jamie Campolongo, president of Pittsburgh Transportation Group. “We have made a commitment to providing outstanding customer service, and that obviously applies to both our long-time customers and new customers who are trying our service for the first time.”
“This is an exciting announcement for Yellow Cab that will bring even more competition, convenience and efficiency to residents and visitors to our region,” comments Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Mayor William Peduto adds: “Yellow Cab has been an important part of the Pittsburgh community for more than 103 years. I am excited to see that proud tradition continue as Yellow Cab evolves into zTrip, reaffirming its commitment to its riders, its employees, and everyone who lives and works in this great city.”
zTrip users will be able to not only hail a cab on the street, but also book a ride for now or later by phone or with the zTrip app. This means no waiting on the curb for a car to arrive. Customers also won’t have to wait to make transportation arrangements until the last minute. They can book a black car on a Tuesday for a trip they need to make on Friday morning.
zTrip offers the same pricing every time, regardless of the day of the week or time of day or night. Each driver is a licensed professional who is fully insured and has undergone background checks. Customer service is available 24/7 by phone, social media or in-app email.
To arrange service or for more information, visit