Photography and poetry capture beauty of Franciscan Manor residents

Franciscan Manor Senior Living and Progressive Home Health, Inc. hosted a special event recently to honor Franciscan Manor residents through photography and poetry therapy.
The event, titled “Still Me”, captured photographs of the residents in attendance by Mary White of Mary White Photography. Once the photos were taken, Mary displayed them alongside not-so-recent photos of each resident “so they could see that they may not look like they did years ago, but they are still the same person inside,” she explained.
Progressive Home Health’s resident poet, John Conte, conveyed written words in the form of poetry therapy to bring healing and personal growth to the residents, as well. This artistic combo left the residents and their families with a special gift for years to come.
Franciscan Manor Senior Living is located at 71 Darlington Road, Patterson Township. To learn more, call (724) 891-1150 or visit online

Photo provided by Melissa Berg for Beaver County Senior News