Looking for interesting holiday gift ideas? Check out our staff’s top picks

Wondering what to give your loved one this holiday season? Gift buying for someone who “doesn’t need or want anything” can be a challenge, so we thought we’d help you out with a roundup of our Senior News staff’s best picks.

Lynn’s picks: Our publisher, Lynn Webster, recommends visiting FirstStreetOnline.com, where you’ll find lots of interesting gifts—many are practical and some are just plain fun. A few examples:
The Electronic Rosary: A convenient way to help you recite the Holy Rosary! It prays the complete rosary, allowing you to follow along easily, guiding you through the prayers. Voice prompts help you recite the prayers. It stores your last prayer and total prayer records, and helps solve the “losing count” problem. Includes a wrist rope, ear buds and velvet bag. $49.95
Multi-Game Gift Set: Everything you need to play 14 fun games! With games from Backgammon and Checkers to Dominoes and Old Maid, this game center crosses generations. The games are housed in a beautiful wooden box, with storage slide-outs that double as game boards. A great gift for grandkids and grandparents to enjoy quality time together. $49.95
Good Grip Bowling Glove: This glove offers additional gripping ability for bowlers of all ages. It’s no-slip-all-grip construction is designed for maximum ball control, stability and comfort. It eliminates swelling, burn marks, blisters and torn nails. Perfect for active seniors who still bowl but suffer some moderate hand or finger mobility issues. $24.95
Lynn also recommends Omahasteaks.com. This gourmet foods company makes gift giving easy and quite delicious. Choose from T-bones and filet mignons, gourmet burgers, poultry, seafood, pork, desserts and wine. Prices are reasonable for the quality, and many of their combos ship free. The Essential Grilling Pack, for example, includes 2 filet mignons, 2 top sirloins, 4 boneless chicken breasts, 2 boneless pork chops, 4 Omaha steaks burgers, 4 gourmet jumbo franks and 4 caramel apple tartlets, currently on sale for $69.99 with free shipping. Order at Omahasteaks.com or visit or call their retail store along Route 19 in Cranberry Township at (724) 772-3515.

Gina’s pick: Our editor, Gina Mazza, likes to promote local authors whose books have a special message. This year, Pittsburgh native and global caregiver advocate Carole Brecht published The Artistry of Caregiving: Letters to Inspire Your Caregiver Journey. Based on her personal story of caregiving her parents, the book gives comfort to those who feel alone and isolated while caring for someone with a specific illness, special needs, a disease or simply caring for an aging elder. The book’s soothing message in the form of easy-to-read letters is delightfully enhanced with the author’s own Zentangle Inspired Art. The book recently won first place in the self-help category at The Author Zone Book Awards in downtown Pittsburgh. Available on Amazon in paperback ($25) and Kindle ($5) format. Also check out Carole’s SanGenWoman blog at bit.ly/SanGenBlog and her Zentangle art store at TangledArtBoutique.com.

Shantessa’s pick: Our art director, Shantessa Burnfield, loves to be active outdoors with her family, but she also likes to stay cozy and warm while doing so. She recommends HotHands, a product line of hand warmers, foot warmers, heated mittens and heated socks. Ranging in price from $10 to about $40, they are worth the price. Check out warmers.com. Headbands are also an awesome way to keep the heat in your body while out in the cold. Visit hoorag.com for a wide variety of headbands, most around $10.