Adult Day Services

Adult day services facilities offer a safe environment for older adults who are not capable of full-time independent living. Naturally, most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age, and adult day services help them to do so by lending support with things such as transportation, supervision, nutrition, basic personal care and socialization. Another benefit of adult day services comes in the form of welcome relief for caregivers. Many of the centers listed here organize social activities for seniors, including daily lunches, group trips, cooking and crafts, and visits from beauticians and podiatrists, to name a few.

All of this provides social enrichment for older adults while providing their caregivers with well deserved breaks. Adult day facilities are licensed and inspected by the Pennsylvania Office of Long-Term Living. For more details, contact the adult day services program nearest you.

Questions to consider when looking for adult day services providers:

  • Did you feel welcome at the facility?
  • Are the staff and participants cheerful?
  • Did someone spend time finding out what you want and need in terms of services?
  • Did someone clearly explain what services and activities the center provides?
  • Was information presented about staffing, program procedures, costs and what they expect of their caregivers?
  • Was the facility clean, pleasant and free of odor?
  • Were the building and rooms wheelchair accessible?
  • Was the furniture sturdy and comfortable?
  • Are there quiet areas for relaxation?
  • Are participants involved in planning activities?
  • Does the facility engage volunteers to help?

Butler County Adult Day Services

Licensed Adult Day Services

Concordia Lutheran Ministries
134 Marwood Rd., Bldg. #4, Cabot, PA 16023
(724) 352-1571, ext. 8271

LIFE Butler County
231 W. Diamond St., Butler, PA 16001
(724) 287-5433

383 New Castle Rd., Butler, PA 16001
(724) 283-1010

Passavant Retirement and Health Center – My Day Out
105 Burgess Dr., Zelienople, PA 16063
(724) 452-3611

Unlicensed Adult Day Service

VA Medical Center
325 New Castle Rd., Butler, PA 16001
(724) 477-5025
Consumer must be a Veteran